What is Pet Planet’s Guardianship Movement?

Guardians Recognize Animals as Individuals, Not Objects. In choosing a more accurate term to define your relationship with animals, you are helping to elevate a community’s consciousness and way of thinking about animals.

Animal Guardians Can Enact Change. By changing our language when we speak or write about animals, we can effectively sway public attitude/awareness.

Animal Guardians Reduce the Number of Animals Bred in Puppy Mills. Guardians understand that every dog or cat purchased from a pet store or backyard breeder equals one euthanized animal at a shelter or humane society and contributes to pet overpopulation.

Animal Guardians Help Decrease Abuse and Abandonment. If you teach people that their role as an animal Guardian is a valued personal characteristic, something to take pride in, they might be less likely to abuse or abandon their animal companions.

Animal Guardians Positively Impact Local Communities. Local governments that refer to residents as Guardians affirm the positive impact that citizens can have on local animal issues and empowers communities to work together toward common solutions.

Throughout history, it is language, together with action, that has been at the forefront in the fight for civil rights. From Gandhi’s quest for truth to Martin Luther King’s “Dream”, every social movement, every hard-won victory in the name of justice and equality began with the courage to question, the desire to open a visionary eye, and the words to tell the world.

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