There are No “Ifs”, “Ands”, or “Butts” About It

Today Guardians understand the importance of the nutrition they provide for their pets. Hippocrates said it best, “food is the best medicine.” Pets are living longer than ever before due in part to an increase in the emotional bond between the Guardian and their pets. That has led to a search for better foods and better care for their companions.

When it comes to better care, the food that goes in the pet is critical, for whole-body health. Ingredients and how they are prepared, fed, and utilized are vital to total health. Equally important is how that portion of the pet’s food that is not used is eliminated.

The butt of a dog or cat is not the typical discussion Guardians have about their pets, but it can be an important consideration for their health and well-being and the bond between the pet and their Guardian family. A healthy and functioning rectum is essential in controlling when and where a pet has a bowel movement. It is also vital to the cleanliness and health of the pet.

Close observation of the pet as it has a bowel movement is an integral part of monitoring the pet’s health. Stool consistency and abnormalities can be detected; difficulties in having a bowel movement can signal problems in or around the pet’s rear.

Early detection is key to quickly resolving problems before they become costly and painful disasters for the Guardian and the pet.

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