Joint Health and a Long and Happy Life for Every Pet

As pets age, there is normal wear, especially in the body’s weight-bearing joints. Knees, hips, and elbows are the most vulnerable to wear and the ultimate arthritis that follows. One estimate suggests that 20% of dogs over seven years and 90% of cats over twelve years exhibit signs of arthritis which occurs after significant wear.

Poor joint health is one of the most common problems that lower the quality of life for our beloved pets. In many cases, the discomfort and lower quality of life lead to the ultimate decision to end the pet’s life. 

Larger canines, overweight dogs and cats, and those pets living in an unsafe environment are the most likely to have an early onset of signs.

Recognizing the threat and creating a quality of life that reduces risk and slows the natural wearing in the joints can help assure a long and happy life for our four-legged companions.

Starting early and providing a safe environment, regular exercise, and optimum nutrition that includes animal protein-focused, biologically appropriate foods and treats, and whole-body health supplements can be one of the most important contributions to assure a long and happy life for the pet. At the same time, planning ahead can save the Guardian emotional distress and the additional costs of long-term treatments.

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