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Is a natural occurring organic form of dietary sulfur. Sulfur is the fourth most abundant mineral found in the human body. The body uses sulfur in many processes, including collagen synthesis, cell oxygenation, carbohydrate metabolism and the maintenance of balance between acidity and alkalinity. These processes consume sulfur, which must be replenished. MSM is found in several raw foods – milk, fresh fruit, raw vegetables, fish, and meat. MSM is probably the most important substance for the prevention of allergies since the discovery of the antihistamine. It can help to relieve burning eyes, running nose, hoarseness associated with allergies to pollens, dust, and molds. MSM is also a valuable addition to hair growth. Hair health can be significantly improved in a short time, as little as six weeks. MSM reduces pain, soreness and inflammation associated with injured, strained, or cramped muscles and over-taxed joints. Doctors can often lower the prescriptions of pain medications with MSM supplementation.

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