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Why Does My Cat Like High Places?    

Do you ever feel like your cat is avoiding the floor?

We all know cats like to be up on things, and they enjoy running around the room as much as possible. Is there a reason they like hopping from the kitchen table to the top of the fridge?

Cats Like Vertical Space

First of all, the more ways your cat has to get around the room, the better. Cats love being explorers, and one way they like to explore is by being “stealthy” around your room. It helps them feel like the space is their personalized jungle. Nothing makes us happier than seeing our “jungle cats” prowling around.

It’s a Show of Dominance

Especially in multi-cat homes, cats like feeling tall, it’s a way to flex their muscles and show confidence. They like feeling like the “big cheese” of the house.

Cats feel less anxious and just plain safe up high. They can scope the room and see everything to “dodge” potential threats or pounce on unsuspecting passers-by.

They Can “Monkey” Around

They love being active, whether that means being the “lookout,” clawing and scratching at a scratch post, playing with feathers, or playing hide and seek. Home is like their own personal treehouse.

Warm and Fuzzy

Heat rises – by climbing to the top of a tower, your cat may be saying it wants to warm up or get cozy.

They Crave Alone Time

Sometimes cats just want to be alone – and secluded or high places provide the perfect space for them to do that.

It is important to understand that it is natural for cats to seek high places. Providing tree stands and other attractions in the home are often the best way to keep them from undesirable higher areas.

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