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Preventing Cancer    

Dr. Al Townshend

There are two primary reasons why our beloved pets’ life-span is longer than ever before; science and the intense human-animal bond.

Over the last few decades, veterinary medicine has improved, and as a result, we have learned to recognize and treat common problems much more successfully.

Likewise, the more hectic lives we Guardians seemed to be living have helped us gain a deeper and more meaningful bond with our beloved pets. As a result, Guardians strive to do all they can to ensure their pets live a long, happy, and healthy life.

Cancer is the most common reason our pet dogs and cat’s lives are less than they should be. The disease takes more pets than any other medical condition, and for their Guardians, it begs the question, can we prevent cancer, and if so, how?


We know a lot about cancer, and we are learning more every day; however, there is much more we need to know. Hopefully, prevention will become a reality in the near future for both humans and their animals.

In the mean-time, there are fundamental factors in our pet’s everyday lives that are known to play a role in whether they are at greater or lesser risk of developing cancer and many other health issues.

When it comes to our pets, prevention should focus on four primary areas


We know that certain breeds of dogs and cats have a higher incidence of cancer, and within individual breeds, specific blood-line are at greater risk.


The air we breathe, the water we drink, and the ground we walk on can all expose us to an increased risk of cancer.


The food we feed has the potential of exposing our pets to a greater risk of cancer.


The lifestyles we chose for our family and pets are key factors in the quality of life and longevity.

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