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Pet Health Myths      

Pet Planet believes good health starts with superior nutrition, which is why we choose the foods we carry with great care. Responsible pet Guardians make decisions for the animals in their care based on advice they receive from professionals in the pet industry. Occasionally, the nutritional information from one source may contradict the information provided by another. This article provides an overview of some of the more common concerns Pet Planet has encountered over the years. For more information on these and other topics related to your pet’s nutrition choices, please ask your Pet Planet Ambassador.

I was told if I didn’t feed vet food, my pet would develop urinary crystals.

There is no guarantee that one particular food will prevent your dog from getting crystals, especially if there is no history of crystals. Crystals may form if the mineral content in a dog’s diet is inappropriate. Infection is the most common cause of urinary crystals. Pet Planet foods are chosen because of their superior nutritional attributes. High Protein content, chelated, and balanced mineral packages and excellent, high-quality ingredients that encourage an acid urine to discourage urinary infections.

Does high protein content cause kidney failure?

Contrary to some older information, as dogs and cats age, their nutritional requirements for protein does not diminish. The secret is the quality of the protein. Highly digestible, high protein//low carbohydrate diets have proven far more beneficial to your pet in general. That is why Pet Planet carries pet food that fits this profile. The proper course of action to prevent illness in your pet is to feed a balanced diet with chelated vitamin and mineral packages, rich in quality protein, and an overall selection of high-quality ingredients.

What about manufacturing processes?

Pet Planet strives to find manufacturers that own and operate their own manufacturing facilities because we know that quality control is essential to our customers. Pet Planet also focuses on products that source high-quality, North American sourced ingredients. For foods to be approved for the Pet Planet stores, manufacturers must provide total transparency of the ingredients and manufacturing processes used to assure the quality, safety, and consistency of their products. We call this our Certificate of Trust.

Isn’t a by-product a natural and common part of pet food?

Animal By-Products can be any part of an animal except the muscles or meat. Some by-products such as organs (liver, spleen, etc.) are highly nutritious; however, many by-products, such as head and feet etc.) are of low quality. The problem is that there is no way for the Guardian tom tell the difference. As a result, ingredients listed as a by-product are questionable and to be avoided. Pet Planet chooses foods with high-quality ingredients and no animal by-products. Our foods contain real meat, so you can be confident you are providing the best possible nutritional care for your pet.

I was told vet food is the only option for my pet.

No one type of food is right for every pet like no one diet works for every person. It is vital to customize a diet to your pet based on life stage, activity level, feeding history, and medical concerns. Pet Planet has a wide variety of foods and well-trained staff to assist you in finding the best and healthiest option for your unique best friend.

Why should I trust Pet Planet when it comes to choosing the best food for my pet? Isn’t my vet the best resource?

Pet Planet’s focus is on nutrition and pet health. Although an integral part of the health and well-being of any pet, a vet may not be familiar with all pet foods currently on the market, so it is best to use all of the resources available when choosing the nutrition for your pet. Most veterinary offices carry one or two brands of pet foods only, and may not be able to custom fit a diet to your pet. Pet Planet can take your pet’s individual needs into account and find a natural, nutritious, and healthy recipe while taking into account your pet’s specific needs. We can help you select diet from any number of pet food brands we carry and help you better understand the complexities of your pet’s health.

I was told my dog is growing too fast, and that I should change their food to stunt their growth

For optimal health, your dog should be fed a nutritious food that will allow them to thrive, not a recipe that will deter them from being who they are naturally. Maintaining a slightly lean body mass throughout the first year of life is essential for a pet to develop properly. Carrying excess weight during growth is tremendous stress on the bones of a pet and can lead to serious developmental bone issues, especially in large and giant breed puppies.

Is a raw food diet for my dog unsafe for my family?

When handling any food, using basic food preparation procedures is always the best course of action. Exercising the same clean, hygienic practices you use to prepare your own food must be maintained when handling raw food recipes for your pet.

Does duck meal cause heart disease?

Duck meal is a highly digestible, healthy choice because it is high in protein and low in fat.

Is feeding lamb for long periods toxic?

Throughout the course of your dog’s life, it is wise to switch protein sources for variety. Variety will keep your dog healthy and happier and reduce the possibility of your pet developing an allergy or intolerance to a particular protein source.

My dog is overweight, what are my options?

When your dog is overweight, there are many ways to get the weight off and reduce the risk of the more common medical issues associated with obesity. Pet Planet has reduced-calorie, “light” options and low carbohydrate formulas that can assist you with this. No one food will be a miraculous cure for obesity, but balanced nutrition, portion control, and exercise will go a long way in keeping your dog’s weight in check.

Be sure to discuss your options with any of the Ambassadors at your Pet Planet store.

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