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Food Safety     

Pet food recalls are not uncommon these days making it more and more difficult to trust that the food we feed our pets is safe. Here are a few criteria Pet Planet follows when choosing our product lines.

First, we look for pet food companies that own their manufacturing facility. They should source all of their own ingredients and put them under very rigorous testing before they are used within the food. Many pet food manufacturers do not own their own manufacturing facility and are therefore bound by a co-pack contract. Considerable freedom in ingredients or quality of ingredients is often sacrificed in a co-pack contract as they do not directly oversee the manufacturing of their own product. The risk of a sub-standard end product is therefore heightened substantially.

Second, we thoroughly examine the food’s quality of ingredients, particularly ensuring that all ingredients are sourced from the original producer, not a middle man or broker.

  • Ingredients should be sourced from the human food chain; meat sources should come from government inspected facilities
  • All grains should be tested for molds, toxins and ergot by an accredited lab
  • Perishable ingredients should be ordered via just-in-time delivery

Other questions we ask are:

  • Do they employ the same or higher standards for ingredient sourcing as those conducted for human food?
  • Do they source local ingredients direct from the producer and manage the quality of those ingredients with the producer?
  • Are their quality control standards throughout the manufacturing process strict and closely managed?
  • Are their formulations developed to build immunity for long term health and longevity?
  • Are all products produced under modern food specifications?
  • Are all production and product development processes extensively researched, calling on various experts in their fields to ensure high standards?
  • Is the company dedicated to best manufacturing practices to maintain product quality?

Any pet food company producing a safe and nutritious premium quality food will not only be able to answer all of these questions – but will be enthusiastic about doing so. At Pet Planet we understand this. That is why we make sure all the products we carry follow these strict guidelines – learn more on our Certificate of Trust here.

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