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Digestive Enzymes      

Digestive enzymes are substances that nature put into the bodies of our pets (and our own) to unlock the nutrition contained in food. Enzymes are also found in plants and raw foods in their natural state. Almost every process that goes on in the body requires enzymes.

Nobel-prize winner Dr. James B. Sumner suggested many years ago that we would get more nutrition from food if we increased our intake of plant enzymes. Whether we are cats, dogs, or humans, when enzyme-dead food is eaten, the body actually interrupts the making of vital metabolic enzymes in order to compensate for the enzyme deficiencies in the foods we eat.

This is especially important for our pets because they rarely eat anything in its natural state. Processed pet foods contain no digestive enzymes because they are destroyed by the cooking and heating required in the manufacturing process. Since cooking kills the enzymes, there is nothing in your pets’ food to help liberate the food’s nutritional value. How do you liberate these nutrients? Digestive enzymes are the answer.

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