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Breath Mint? How To Know If Your Dog Has Bad Breath, Or Something Worse    

They don’t call it “doggy breath” for just any reason. Many of us have leaned over our dog’s faces and experienced the hot breath smell we just wish we hadn’t. But is there any cause for concern over bad breath? Or could bad breath be a sign our dog’s need more help with their pearly whites then they’re letting on?

What Should A Dog’s Breath Smell Like?

According to Dog Discoveries, a dog’s normal breath should be odorless.

What Does Bad Breath For a Dog Smell Like?

Some say that bad dog breath smells like fish, but if you’re not feeding fish, this may be a sign you need to visit a vet. Possible reasons for a fishy smell could include a dog licking its anal glands, due to a need to release these glands. A simple visit to the vet is all you need to help release these glands.

Other smells may include trash, ammonia, or nail polish remover. If your dog experiences these symptoms, visit your vet.

My Dog’s Breath Smelled Great as a Puppy But Doesn’t Now. Why? says that a puppy’s breath tends to smell great since they drink their mother’s milk and have yet to be exposed to kibble or foods that can create plaque. We recommend brushing your dog’s teeth every single day, but if you are already doing this and the bad breath is like any of the symptoms listed above, a visit to your vet may be in order to further investigate.

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