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Benefits Associated with Food Categories    

By: Dr. Al Townshend

When it comes to feeding our pets, dry pet foods come to mind for most Guardians. Kibble has been the traditional way of providing a daily diet for dogs and cats, ever since commercial pet foods were developed.

Today, the choices go well beyond just kibble to include a variety of wet foods, raw and near raw commercial recipes. In addition, there are toppers and mixers, treats and supplements to consider feeding your pets.

When it comes to deciding on the right food category or combination of categories for your pets, making sure the pet is getting a complete and balanced daily diet is essential.

Benefits of Each Food Type


  • Kibble is produced using a combination of heat and pressure which removes all but 8-12 percent of the moisture.
  • It is very convenient
  • There are a greater variety of dry foods to choose from.
    • Puppy/Kitten, Adult, and Senior
    • Large Breed and Small Breed
    • Single Protein, Limited Ingredient
    • Grain Free and foods with grains
  • Dry pet foods are economical
  • They are easily stored

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  • Wet foods come in several different container types, cans, pouches and tubes.
  • They are generally produced using heat and pressure and retain approximately 75-85 percent moisture
  • There are no preservatives needed
  • Wet foods are more palatable than dry
  • Many are High Protein/Low Carb recipes
  • Many are gluten-free

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Almost Raw

  • Both Freeze-Dried and Dehydrated varieties.
  • They are manufactured using almost no heat to remove all but 6-8 percent of the moisture
  • They are generally intended to be rehydrated before feeding.
  • They are considered almost raw because there is little of the nutrition lost in the manufacturing.
  • They are very palatable and highly digestible.
  • There are no preservative necessary. Because of the low moisture content, they will keep for long periods.
  • Freeze-Dried and Dehydrated recipes are a convenient way to feed an almost raw recipe.
  • They are easily stored

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  • There is no manufacturing process that involves heat so the foods provide total natural nutrition.
  • A more natural, ancestral way to feed a pet
  • Recipes are highly palatable and highly digestible
  • Higher in water content
  • High Protein/ Low Carb
  • Dental benefits
  • More natural enzymes available
  • Many are gluten-free

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