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Did You Know that Cats can Spend Half Their Life as a Senior?

The aging process begins at birth and continues throughout life. Many factors play a role in how long our beloved pets live and the quality of life they experience at every stage of that life. Genetic factors can play a significant role in a pet’s lifespan and quality of life, and Guardians have little control […]


Senior Pets are Special

Our beloved pets are living longer than ever before due to modern veterinary medicine, improved nutrition, and an ever increase in the bond between the pet and their Guardian family. These days, life has become more stressful, and pets have become more important to us. They give us there all and ask for little in […]


5 Reasons Why Diet is So Important for Seniors

As pets age, their digestive tract becomes less efficient. Highly digestible, protein focused nutrition is especially important for older dogs and cats. Supplements become more important. Additional vitamins and minerals become more important to assure optimum levels reach the cells of the body. The immune system can struggle with age. Stress can accompany age and […]

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