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Feline Diabetes Can Be Controlled and, in Some Cases, Even Cured

Feline diabetes is a disease of the pancreas. It is caused by the cells of the body not responding to the insulin levels in the blood. It most commonly occurs in overweight, middle-aged, and older male cats. Diagnosis and treatment require a working relationship between the Guardian and a trusted veterinarian.  Feline diabetes differs from […]


Understanding Canine Diabetes

Diabetes is an all-too-common condition in our canine companions. It most commonly occurs in certain breeds over five years of age. Diagnosis and treatment require a close working relationship with a trusted veterinarian and a commitment by the pet Guardian family.


Five Signs Your Pet May have Diabetes

Increased thirst Diabetic pets often drink more than twice as much as usual. Increase in urination Increased water intake requires more frequent urination of larger quantities of urine. An increase in appetite Wanting more food is a common sign. Weight loss despite eating more Despite eating more there is a steady weight loss and body […]

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