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5 Signs Your Pet May Have Oral Health Issues

Bad Breath: Excessive tartar and plaque provide a home for bad bacteria. Excessive Salivation: Tartar and plaque can irritate the gums. Rubbing at the Mouth: Irritation and discomfort can cause a pet to paw at the mouth. Swelling Around the Mouth: Severe infection can cause swelling. Reluctance to Eat Hard Food: Loose teeth can make […]


8 Reasons to Take Your Pet’s Dental Health More Seriously

Veterinarians estimate that by age 3, many dogs and cats will develop dental disease. Starting early with proper oral hygiene is the best way to prevent problems. A healthy mouth is essential for long-term health. Dental disease has the potential to affect every organ in the body. Proper dental hygiene is as important for pets […]

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