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Dilated Cardiomyopathy Update

Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) is a thinning of the heart muscles resulting in a decreased ability of the heart to pump blood throughout the circulatory system. In July of 2018 when the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) alerted the public that they were launching an investigation into reports of an increase in DCM in Golden […]


There are No “Ifs”, “Ands”, or “Butts” About It

Today Guardians understand the importance of the nutrition they provide for their pets. Hippocrates said it best, “food is the best medicine.” Pets are living longer than ever before due in part to an increase in the emotional bond between the Guardian and their pets. That has led to a search for better foods and […]


Inappropriate Feline Bathroom Habits Can Ruin a Relationship

It happens infrequently, but if a cat suddenly stops using the litterbox, it can be a monumental issue that can have serious effects on family relationships. Understanding what might be the cause and quickly resolving the issue is key to the close bond we all want with our feline companions.


A Pet’s Eyes See What the Ears Don’t Hear and the Nose Doesn’t Smell

The health of both dogs and cats’ eyes, ears, and nose are vital to long-term health. A problem that reduces the effectiveness of any of these sensory organs can put the pet in danger, cause pain and discomfort, lower quality of life, and even lower life expectancy.  Caring for these senses is relatively simple but […]


Do All Cats Have Problems with Hairballs?

Most cats groom themselves regularly. They are very neat and particular about cleanliness. There are occasions when a cat ingests too much hair while grooming, or when the digestive tract is more sensitive, and it initiates the ugly involuntary retching and gaging that brings up that tubular mess of hair. Hairballs are not uncommon, but […]


Nummy Tum Tum Pumpkin & Catnip Treats

Try making this fun and easy recipe for your feline friends this fall! Ingredients 3/4 cup of Flour 1 can of Tuna in water, drained 1 tsp Catnip 2 tbsp Nummy Tum Tum Pumpkin Directions Mix all the ingredients together to make a dough. On a floured surface, roll out the dough. Cut into bite-sized […]


Did You Know that Cats can Spend Half Their Life as a Senior?

The aging process begins at birth and continues throughout life. Many factors play a role in how long our beloved pets live and the quality of life they experience at every stage of that life. Genetic factors can play a significant role in a pet’s lifespan and quality of life, and Guardians have little control […]


Primal Pup’kin Spice Latte

Share pumpkin season with your pet by making them their very own “Pup-kin Spice Latte” by Primal Pet Foods! Ingredients 2 parts Primal Awesome Squash Fresh Topper 1 part Primal Pumpkin Spice Goat Milk+ Dog-Friendly Whipped Cream Cinnamon Directions Blend the Fresh Topper and Goat Milk+ until smooth. Pour into a cup and add the […]


Senior Pets are Special

Our beloved pets are living longer than ever before due to modern veterinary medicine, improved nutrition, and an ever increase in the bond between the pet and their Guardian family. These days, life has become more stressful, and pets have become more important to us. They give us there all and ask for little in […]


Has Your Pet Suffered from Pancreatitis?

Pancreatitis is a painful and costly medical condition that can be fatal. Once it happens, there is a significant risk it can happen again if precautions aren’t taken to reduce the risk. Part of the pancreas produces the digestive enzymes essential for breaking down dietary protein, fat, and carbohydrates. When too many of these crucial […]


What is Omega 3 Fatty Acids and Why Are They So Important?

Fat is a natural part of a pet’s diet. It is the best source of calories, providing the energy required for growth and activity. Certain fats are considered essential components of a complete and balanced diet for a pet that evolved as a carnivore. Based on their structure, these fats are generally called Omega 6 […]


Feline Diabetes Can Be Controlled and, in Some Cases, Even Cured

Feline diabetes is a disease of the pancreas. It is caused by the cells of the body not responding to the insulin levels in the blood. It most commonly occurs in overweight, middle-aged, and older male cats. Diagnosis and treatment require a working relationship between the Guardian and a trusted veterinarian.  Feline diabetes differs from […]


Understanding Canine Diabetes

Diabetes is an all-too-common condition in our canine companions. It most commonly occurs in certain breeds over five years of age. Diagnosis and treatment require a close working relationship with a trusted veterinarian and a commitment by the pet Guardian family.


The Shock of First Learning Your Pet has Cancer

First, learning that your cherished pet has cancer can create a flood of emotions that can move the primary focus away from supporting the pet if they are not controlled. Shock, helplessness, fear, guilt, and anger are all common reactions to the cancer diagnosis. Negative emotions detract from the primary task of gathering as many […]


Cancer: The Word No One Wants to Hear

“Your pet has cancer“ is a statement no Guardian wants to hear from their veterinarian. As with any family member being diagnosed with cancer, it can have a devastating emotional and financial impact. Pets are family, and the danger of losing them or reducing their quality of life can be difficult to accept, especially for […]


Feline Urinary Disease is an All Too Common Condition

Making the jump from their wild natural environment in the Egyptian desert to our laps and in our homes has, over time, increased the risk of urinary issues in our feline companions. Find out the risk factors and how you can reduce the risks of these potentially dangerous issues. Learn more about your feline friend.


Is Your Pet Experiencing an Environmental Allergy?

Did you know that most allergies in our pets are not food related, but in fact come from environmental impacts? In the home, things like dust and dust mites, cigarette smoke, and fleas can trigger an allergic reaction. While outside, yard chemicals, tree pollens, molds, and fungi outdoors can be triggers. Allergies can be a […]


Joint Health and a Long and Happy Life for Every Pet

As pets age, there is normal wear, especially in the body’s weight-bearing joints. Knees, hips, and elbows are the most vulnerable to wear and the ultimate arthritis that follows. One estimate suggests that 20% of dogs over seven years and 90% of cats over twelve years exhibit signs of arthritis which occurs after significant wear. […]


The Truth about Food Allergies and Sensitivities

Many Guardians are concerned about pet allergies and spend thousands of dollars and many, many hours working to determine what is impacting their beloved pets. But, in reality most allergies manifest from our pet’s environments, rather than from the food they eat. But there are instances where a cat or dog can develop both allergies […]


Are you Losing the Battle with Your Pets?

Dr. Al Townshend Statistics don’t lie; over half the dogs and cats in the USA are estimated to be overweight or obese. In addition, excess weight over time encourages some of the most serious medical conditions that can lower a pet’s quality of life and shorten the life span of a beloved companion. Arthritis, Heart […]


3 Tips for a Safe Holiday with Your Pets

The holidays are just around the corner, consider these tips when getting into ready to celebrate this year. Holiday foods are a tremendous attraction for pets. Be sure they are out of reach and secure. Be careful; too much of a good thing can spoil the celebration for all. Giving sweets containing chocolate, xylitol (an artificial […]


6 Reasons to Add Raw Foods to Your Pet’s Diet

Processed foods like kibble contain nutrients destroyed by cooking. The heat of cooking destroys heat sensitive enzymes and nutrients. Adding balanced raw foods to the diet improved palatability. Raw foods are generally high in animal fat and protein which make them hard to resist. Rotating raw food ingredients in a pet’s diet generates excitement and […]


5 Signs Your Pet May Have Oral Health Issues

Bad Breath: Excessive tartar and plaque provide a home for bad bacteria. Excessive Salivation: Tartar and plaque can irritate the gums. Rubbing at the Mouth: Irritation and discomfort can cause a pet to paw at the mouth. Swelling Around the Mouth: Severe infection can cause swelling. Reluctance to Eat Hard Food: Loose teeth can make […]


The Specific Nutritional and Digestive Needs for Small Breed Dogs

Like their large breed counterparts, our small breed pets also have specific needs for optimal nutrition. Smaller breed dogs have higher metabolisms as their heart rates are so much faster. This metabolic rate means that our small breed pets will require more calories to maintain weight and support their, often more active, lifestyles. The best […]


5 Signs Your Pet May Have a Food Allergy

Excessive Itching and Scratching: Food allergies cause the body to react causing irritation. Rubbing around the Face: Cats especially will react by rubbing the face. Sudden Onset Skin Irritation: The allergy may develop from long exposure, but the reaction can begin suddenly. Reoccurring Ear Infections: Chronic, reoccurring inflammation in the ears encourage infection. “Hot Spots”: […]


5 Reasons Why Diet is So Important for Seniors

As pets age, their digestive tract becomes less efficient. Highly digestible, protein focused nutrition is especially important for older dogs and cats. Supplements become more important. Additional vitamins and minerals become more important to assure optimum levels reach the cells of the body. The immune system can struggle with age. Stress can accompany age and […]


8 Reasons to Take Your Pet’s Dental Health More Seriously

Veterinarians estimate that by age 3, many dogs and cats will develop dental disease. Starting early with proper oral hygiene is the best way to prevent problems. A healthy mouth is essential for long-term health. Dental disease has the potential to affect every organ in the body. Proper dental hygiene is as important for pets […]


Five Signs Your Pet May have Diabetes

Increased thirst Diabetic pets often drink more than twice as much as usual. Increase in urination Increased water intake requires more frequent urination of larger quantities of urine. An increase in appetite Wanting more food is a common sign. Weight loss despite eating more Despite eating more there is a steady weight loss and body […]


Building a Better Bowl

When it comes to feeding the family, a parent’s goal is to provide healthy and nutritious family favorites in a pleasing variety for everyone. The same is true for the family pets. Filling the bowl with very palatable (pleasing) and nutritious recipes encourages a long, happy, and healthy life for all pets. Traditionally, pets are […]


Sensitive Stomachs and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Digestive problems that occur relatively infrequently (once a month). Vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, excessive gas, growling stomach, and depressed appetite, are often referred to as signs of a sensitive stomach. Most of the time, the issues are frustrating but not dangerous or life-threatening.  In light of this, many Guardians have found the nutritional concepts of Traditional […]


Sensitive Stomachs: Medical Concerns

The challenges and symptoms of “Sensitive Stomachs” can be frustrating for both Guardians and their pets as they can be inconsistent, symptoms may vary, and the triggers can change over time. It is essential to recognize that a pet with more serious issues is likely to exhibit additional symptoms, not generally seen with a sensitive […]


External Stimuli and Sensitive Stomachs

Sometimes a sensitive stomach may be a result of an external stimulus, condition, or impact. Understanding what the impacts are, can help Guardians to identify if a sensitive stomach is symptomatic of large issue. Here are some issues that may impact stomach sensitivities: Food Intolerances Internal Parasites Bacterial, Viral or Fungal Infections Deficiencies or Excesses […]


Sensitive Stomach Concerns?

One of the most common concerns that prompt Guardians to take their pets to the veterinarian are digestive issues. So, veterinarians often hear from Guardians that their pet has a sensitive stomach.  Most would agree that the term “sensitive stomach” is most commonly used to describe digestive symptoms that tend to reoccur once a month […]

Instinct, The Raw Food Brand

At Pet Planet, we are often asked to explain the difference between raw pet foods and more traditional forms of pet food. Raw diets consist of bones, ground meat vegetables, fruit and other whole foods. The theory behind feeding raw food is that our pets’ ancestors ate raw meat and bones, and that raw food […]


Let’s Talk Cannabis

Understanding what’s available in Canada and the USA and potential benefits to our pets. In the past few years, interest in the Cannabis plant and the benefits for pets has grown significantly. Many nutritional and health benefits have been claimed by consumers and manufacturers of products for pets. Human research has shown a significant benefit […]


Kali’s Wish KONG Toys for Dogs Fighting Cancer

Back for a third year, “KONG Toys for Dogs Fighting Cancer” kicks off October 1st, 2020. With your support, through a donation of $8 or more, KONG will donate a toy to a dog fighting cancer. The money goes to Kali’s Wish Cancer Foundation to support their efforts in helping families get through pet cancer, […]

What is Pet Planet’s Guardianship Movement?

Guardians Recognize Animals as Individuals, Not Objects. In choosing a more accurate term to define your relationship with animals, you are helping to elevate a community’s consciousness and way of thinking about animals. Animal Guardians Can Enact Change. By changing our language when we speak or write about animals, we can effectively sway public attitude/awareness. […]

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