Cancer: The Word No One Wants to Hear

“Your pet has cancer is a statement no Guardian wants to hear from their veterinarian. As with any family member being diagnosed with cancer, it can have a devastating emotional and financial impact. Pets are family, and the danger of losing them or reducing their quality of life can be difficult to accept, especially for children who may have never known a day without the companionship of a beloved pet.

There are no clear answers to why a particular pet comes down with one of the many forms of cancer and others never have a problem. Most agree that cancer in pets, like cancer in humans, is a multifaceted problem with no well-defined single cause.

Scientists and researchers are hard at work searching for a better understanding of what causes cancer, how to treat it, and the most impactful ways to prevent cancer.

Be sure and check our current articles on how genetics, the environment, lifestyle choices, safe foods, treats, and supplements can reduce the risk of cancer developing. 

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