Are you Losing the Battle with Your Pets?

Dr. Al Townshend

Statistics don’t lie; over half the dogs and cats in the USA are estimated to be overweight or obese. In addition, excess weight over time encourages some of the most serious medical conditions that can lower a pet’s quality of life and shorten the life span of a beloved companion.

Arthritis, Heart Disease, Kidney Disease, Diabetes, Pancreatitis, Respiratory Disease, and even Cancer are more frequent in overweight and obese animals. These medical conditions lower the quality of life for the pet and are among the most common conditions that take our pets. They are costly for the Guardian, time consuming, and can often take an emotional toll on the Guardian family.

What you feed and how much you feed your pets are two of the most critical decisions a Guardian has to make every day. High-quality foods and treats in the proper amount, along with regular exercise, are commitments every Guardian can make to assure their pets have the best chance of living a long and happy life.

Learn more about the war on obesity and what you can do to arm yourself.

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