8 Reasons to Take Your Pet’s Dental Health More Seriously

  1. Veterinarians estimate that by age 3, many dogs and cats will develop dental disease. Starting early with proper oral hygiene is the best way to prevent problems.
  1. A healthy mouth is essential for long-term health. Dental disease has the potential to affect every organ in the body.
  1. Proper dental hygiene is as important for pets as it is for their Guardians. Humans brush their teeth every day and yet we still need to have the dentist clean our teeth regularly in order to stay health.
  1. Dental disease, especially when it’s severe, can be quite painful for dogs. Infection and loose teeth are a constant discomfort.
  1. Plaque and Tartar can open the door to infection which can be life threatening. Plaque and tartar loosen teeth, make the gums bleed, and open the door to infection.
  1. Dental disease is a constant stress on the entire body. Stress can decrease immunity and resistance to other diseases. 
  1. Oral hygiene helps to ensure the long-term health and quality of life for our pets. Prevention is the best medicine.
  1. Preventative oral care for pets will save you money in the future. Taking a little time each day can save big bucks.

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