6 Reasons to Add Raw Foods to Your Pet’s Diet

  1. Processed foods like kibble contain nutrients destroyed by cooking. The heat of cooking destroys heat sensitive enzymes and nutrients.
  2. Adding balanced raw foods to the diet improved palatability. Raw foods are generally high in animal fat and protein which make them hard to resist.
  3. Rotating raw food ingredients in a pet’s diet generates excitement and apprehension at mealtime. Stimulating excitement at mealtime improves the bond between pet and Guardian.
  4. Studies suggest there is less risk of bacterial contamination with raw foods than kibble. Contamination is always a risk with any food; however, it is occurring more frequently with kibble.
  5. Raw reduces the risk of carcinogens. Certain potential carcinogens are more frequently seen in cooked foods.
  6. Meat-based, high protein, raw provides a more natural diet for an animal that evolved as a carnivore. Feeding a diet that more closely resembles the species natural diet is the best way to support long term health.

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